Friday, 23 February -- Esperance, West Australia

Photos of the Day
We sailed in through the Recherche Archipelago to a quite-protected harbour, where we anchored. We left early for a tour to Cape LeGrand National Park.
First stop: Stonehenge. Well, that was unexpected! Turns out to be a full-size replica of the original, as it would have looked in about 1950BC, built of locally-quarried pink granite. It is aligned with the summer solstice.
The park, our next destination, is beautiful. Along the way we spotted a couple of emu and others saw something apparently called a guiana or something like that -- we still have no idea what that is.
Lucky Bay has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. White sand, turquoise water and a kangaroo on the beach.

Hellfire Bay is another lovely spot nearby; it's smaller and more rugged.

We got off the bus in downtown Esperance and wandered around the small centre-town area, stopping for lunch, then walked to the jetty to catch the tender back to the ship. It had become considerably rougher in the harbour so it was quite a ride. The tender driver cautioned us to sit until he told us, then cried "Now! Go!" and we all scrambled to the exit, where we were transferred to the ship by 2 burly young men. Back on board we can feel every time the tender is alongside, because the thrusters are going strong.
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