Thursday 15 Feb - Sydney Australia

Photos of the Day
[note: internet connectivity on this ship is so terrible that we're posting in bits and pieces. We hope that eventually it'll all be there and make some kind of sense. Sorry.]We sailed into Sydney Harbour at sunrise and it was as beautiful as we've always heard.  Our dock is well beyond the main harbour so we sailed right past the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge.  Warm day and quite a bit of blue sky. Clearing Australian Customs & Immigration was a breeze, then we set off on a bus tour of the city, and out to Bondi Beach. I love this city, with its mix of history and modernity, and a liveliness that's contagious. Wandering around the area of Mrs McQuarrie's seat, we had lovely views and rubbed shoulders with people from all over the world. We could see the groups of people walking across the top of Harbour Bridge and took some photos in case Gerard happened to be in one of the groups we could see. Looks impossible to me! How do people stand up there? At Bondi Beach we watched surfers and sunbathers, walked along the edge of the surf and soaked up the energy. Kay, Willlie, Larry and I got off the bus as it passed back through the downtown area and walked through a shopping area, stopped for lunch, then walked to the harbour. We enjoyed beer and cider in a comfortable bar, then got a taxi back to the cruise terminal. We all wished we had more days in Sydney. No joy at either Mensa or Trivia. Over dinner we heard about Gerard's bridge crossing and lunch. Ann was on a long trip to the Blue Mountains, and decided to order room service, so we'll hear about her adventures tomorrow. The evening entertainment was the magician for whom Larry played straight man the other night. He chose a new audience participant who also turned out to be Larry, a telecommunications/computer software person. Coincidence? I think not! This guy was good.

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