Wednesday/Thursday, 21/22 Feb -- At Sea on the Great Australian Bight

The usual round of activities on sea days with some added touches.
On Wednesday, we had the great Door Decorations judging -- about 15 people had decorated their suite doors in imaginative and artistic ways, representing aspects of the NZ-Aussie adventure. Everyone else got to rank them and winners were declared. Lots of creativity there.
We had a special show of Aussie folk songs and in the evening  Broadway tunes show.
On Thursday, we heard a lecture about Aussie outlaws and their fates.
I went to my second "quilling" class -- still haven't quite got it, but it was fun to have paper in my hands.
The early show was Krew Kapers -- what a lot of talent the crew on this ship has! Wow!
It was a formal evening and we joined Willie, Kay, Gerard & Ann for dinner in Prime 7, then enjoyed a lively fiddle and piano show.
As usual, both days were winners for Mensa, nada for trivia.
[Something not mentioned before out of 460 travellers on the ship 190 of them are on for the complete Around The World Cruise that takes 131 days compared with our 19 day "leg".  After 19 I'll be ready to get off. ]

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