Monday, 12 Feb - Milford Sound NZ

 Photos of the Day

We were inside the fiord for about 4 hours, enjoying spectacular views of the steep mountains and waterfalls. The clouds and rain hampered our enjoyment, but it was still beautiful. However, we watched in vain for the various wildlife that inhabit the Sound.
In late afternoon we returned to the Tasman Sea and began the transit to Australia. The ship was soon rolling in an exciting way, so everyone developed a pronounced stagger. We still enjoyed dinner with Ann, Gerard, Kay and Willie, then a comedy/magic show. Larry got to spend some time on the stage, shuffling cards and so on. At the end of the show, "his" card was pulled from the middle of a banana. We listened to, but didn't participate in, karaoke, before retiring to bed.
Full score at Mensa, no joy again at trivia.

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