Tuesday, 27 February -- Alice Springs & West MacDonnell Range

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When we had called to confirm our trip for the day, we were mistakenly told that pick-up would be 5:55am, so we staggered out then, ready to go. Pick-up was, in fact, at 7:45, so we had a long sleepy wait. However, it was worth it. First nice surprise! Our driver/guide was Gavin who had brought us from the airport. He's one of the best.

The West MacDonnell Range is rugged and beautiful. We walked deep into a canyon that forms the gap between two ranges. In another canyon we watched endangered Rock Wallabies bouncing from rock to rock. The ochre pits are magnificent. I didn't realize before how many colours of ochre there are, and they were all on display on the banks of these pits.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at a cattle station, and we stopped at two swimming holes. We hadn't known to bring suits, but were at least able to cool our feet. It was a hot (~38 C) day and it was a nice feeling. It was tempting to wear our clothes into the ponds.
We arrived back at the hotel hot and tired and ready for a beer. I did some sink laundry and emergency repairs to my day pack and we turned in early.

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