Thursday, 1 March -- Alice Springs to Sydney to San Francisco to Toronto (a 37-hour day)

Luckily our flight wasn't early, so we had time to re-pack our suitcases and go to a pharmacy, since Larry has a bad cold and he needed something for the trip.
3-hour hop to Sydney, where I caught one last fleeting glimpse of the magnificent Opera House as we came in. By the time we were off the plane we had about 30 minutes to boarding time for the next flight. Then we had to wait for a bus to another terminal, where we joined a long line to clear security before dashing to our gate. By that time it was 15 minutes past the boarding time but they actually were just about to begin. Happily we had an empty seat between us for the 13-hour flight to San Francisco and we both managed some sleep. Our flight out of San Francisco was delayed, so we had a bit of time to stretch before starting the last, 4-hour leg. Larry's ears had become completely blocked and painful, especially as we approached Toronto, so he was most thankful to be on the ground. This was a great trip, but it was lovely to walk into our own house at 1am on Friday.

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