Tuesday 13 Feb and Wednesday 14 Feb - On the Tasmanian Sea

It takes 2 days at sea to get from NZ to Sydney. 
A restless night rolling with the sea and lots of vibration noises.  A summer morning, though, which is cheering.  The ship did some pretty good rolling all day but getting sea legs and Larry's slight sea sickness is getting better.  Larry enjoyed a couple of lectures while I relaxed, read and did puzzles. As usual I aced Mensa and we did nothing much at Trivia.  We dined in style at Prime 7.  Annie Francis, a wonderful Australian singer was the evening entertainment in the theatre.
On Wednesday the sea was calmer though it was cold.  Puzzles, reading and a lecture or two, laundry  Very relaxing except messing up Mensa and stilll getting no-where on Trivia.  At dinner the maitre-d' gave each lady a long-stemmed red rose. Elton Jack was back with some of Elton John's romantic songs in honour of Valentine's Day.

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