Saturday, 17 Feb -- Geelong, Australia

Photos of the Day

That's pronounced Ji-LONG (like Ji-RAFFE) by the way.
The sea was quite rough overnight, but calmed as we were approaching Geelong Harbour. This smaller city is near Melbourne, but none of the tours went there.
We were anchored, so had to tender ashore, then get on a bus. The first stop was "The Heights", a historic house and garden. The house was a pre-fab, arriving in a flat pack, back in the late 19th century (take that IKEA!). It was extended and renovated in the 1930s and bequeathed to the city in the 1970s. Very interesting, much bigger and more attractive than you'd expect for sure.
That was followed by a drive around the city and a visit to the Botanical Gardens, where we saw many native species as well as those that were imported.
The city has lost a lot of industry and is focusing on tourism -- we were the 5th cruise ship this season, and today they were hosting an IronMan competition. Between that and the fact that it is a beautiful summer Saturday, the harbourfront was very crowded and we couldn't find a place to eat. So after a walk around the city centre and a bit of shopping, we returned to the ship for a very late lunch.
I had only figured out 2 of the 5 Mensa questions, but still came third. For team trivia so many people were still off the ship that we combined remnants of 3 teams, and won with a score of 13/15! Wow! That's about double the score any of the three teams has had up until now!

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