Sunday 11 Feb -- Dunedin NZ

Photos of the Day
We shoulda had an umbrella! But Dunedin is a great and very interesting city. Our tour started at the ornate railway station, where only a few trains come and go now. Once it was very busy.

Driving around the city, we admired elaborate churches, a brewery, a chocolate factory, the steepest residential street in the world, memorial parks and gardens. Walking through the botanic garden we were caught in a shower, but still enjoyed the rose garden, rock garden and hot house. A stop for coffee and hot chocolate warmed us a bit.
For me, the highlight of the tour, and perhaps the trip so far, was Olveston, a mansion that is still furnished as it was when the Theomin family lived there. The last member of that family died about 50 years ago, leaving the house and an endowment to the city.
Tied for the win at Mensa, no joy yet in trivia.
Fun evening with Elton Jack, who does (you guessed it!) an Elton John tribute.

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