Sunday, 25 February -- Perth, Western Australia

Photos of the Day
We disembarked and took a taxi to our hotel in West Perth, where we left our bags. There's a free bus service, so we hopped aboard and went to the central part of the city. Most places weren't open yet, so we just wandered until we came to the Roman Catholic Cathedral, where we were just in time for Mass. It's a beautiful building -- a mixture of old and new. We grabbed lunch at a McDonald's (just to get back to real life after 3 weeks of gourmet eating).
We were picked up at our hotel by Hummer Safaris for a private tour of 3 local vineyards and an animal rescue park, all in the Swan Valley. We enjoyed trying the wines, though we didn't buy any, and we also got to sample (and buy) chocolate and preserves at a factory at one of the wineries.

The animal park was a real treat. It was the only place we saw kangaroos, koalas and a wombat. We wandered among the kangaroos

(one of them ate from my hand) and were able to get close to the others. There were also emus, many other birds, wallabies, and likely other creatures I'm forgetting. It was a great tour and we really enjoyed the company of our driver/guide, Wayne.
Good dinner at the hotel and an early night.

More Pictures from the Perth area "safari"

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