Monday, 19 Feb -- a hot day in Adelaide Australia

Photos of the Day
Adelaide is a lovely city. Like others we've visited there are many houses with iron filigree trim and many parks. It has wide streets and a well-designed central area. Older buildings are protected with heritage designations and many have been restored.
Our first stop was the South Australia Museum, where there is an extensive display that explains the history, customs and culture of the Aboriginal people. We could have spent all day there, but only had 45 minutes, so got only a taste of it.
From there we moved on to the Wine Institute, where there is a vast collection of Australian wines. The tasting experience was a first for us: 120 bottles were arranged around the room in special cases with dispensers, in groups by type. We each were given a debit-type card with $15 on it and could insert them into the display to obtain a taste or 1/2 or full glass of the wine or wines of our choice. Larry and I chose fairly modest ones and were able to sample 5 each. Some samples were as much as $18.50. A good way to try out a range of local wines, for sure.
We walked out the back of the Wine Instituete directly into the Botanic Garden. The walk through it back to the bus was lovely, cool and peaceful. We saw many trees and few flowers.
I had a headache, so we opted to return to the ship at the end of the rour.
Screwed up the simple arithmetic in one Mensa question, so no points there, but in a smaller-than-usual field we came 2nd in team trivia.

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