Tuesday, 20 February -- Port Lincoln SA

Photos of the Day
This lovely small city is on one of the largest natural harbours in the world, and only failed to become the capital because it lacks fresh water. It is a major shipping port and we docked right beside and beneath the grain elevators and system of pipes used to move grain onto ships. Historically, windjammers used this port on their trade route. It was well-placed for boat-building, which thrived until the 1970s, but fisheries are its major industry. Tuna, White Kingfish, Prawns, shark and abalone were mentioned to us and we saw the boats that catch or farm them.
Our morning tour covered the Maritime history, including a most interesting little local museum in a former boat-building facility. The afternoon tour of the city included the Fishermen's Memorial, an interesting sandstone sculpture surrounded by stones carved with the many names of those lost at sea.  We drove to the
Winter's Hill lookout, where we could see the city, the harbour and, on the other side, farmland stretching into the distance. It began to rain as we returned to the ship, an unusual event at this time of the year. We are on the edge of a cyclone system, apparently, so hope that the next two days at sea are calm.
Aced Mensa, and unbelievably our thrown-together team tied for first in Trivia with only 6 points. Banner day!

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