Saturday, 24 February -- At Sea

The last day of a cruise is always a bit different. The stewardesses had our bags out to be packed, so we had to organize ourselves for the next phase of the trip. We went to a morning lecture on the ANZACs at Gallipoli, then I had my last quilling class. I don't think it's a technique I'll pursue, but it was fun to try out. Although we'd spent all our points yesterday on teeshirts and a baseball cap, I did the Mensa (score!) and we played trivia (score!) and gave our points to team mates who are staying on for another leg of the journey. The production cast entertained us well, then we went for drinks and dinner one last time with Kaye (whose name I've been mis-spelling; sorry Kaye!), Ann, Gerard and Willie. It's been great hanging out with this group and we'll miss them.
More Photos from the last day at sea with our friends from the cruise

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